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High Maintenance Hair – Statement Colors Are In Again

~ Courtesy of Kevin Murphy

Low-maintenance cuts, colors and styles were in demand for the past few years, but as the world begins to open up again, we’re forecasting high maintenance hairstyles this season. Curious which new trend to try? Take a peek at a few of our favorites.

Natural color and effortless finishes will never go out of style, but this season dimensional color and glamorous finishes will be at every turn. Clients everywhere will be looking to try on new shades and learn all the expert tips to make their style pop.

High Maintenance Hair Trends:

Bold Warmth

Naturally, summer sees an increase of warmth in hair color. We’ll continue to notice gold undertones throughout blondes and brunettes with the addition of peaches and blush tones to create a bold finish.

The Tips:

Working from your natural skin tone, find a warm tone that complements both your coloring and your base shade. Ask your stylist about COLOR.ME’s pH.D treatment to add instant color and incredible shine.

The Glam Dry

Whether you’re into curls, waves or braids one thing is for certain — the glam blow-dry is back. The look is less about creating a certain style and more about ensuring a healthy feel no matter what your finish is.

The Tips:

Getting this look comes down to the prep work, specifically the application of products. Start by ensuring success by swapping your normal cleansing routine for a targeted regimen specific to your hair type and needs. Find your best match here with the KEVIN.MURPHY Product Matchmaker Quiz. Following this, always apply a heat protectant like HEATED.DEFENSE and follow with EVER.BOUNCE or EVER.LIFT to give your hair a little extra bounce and style memory. Then, spritz SHIMMER.SHINE for an elegant finish.

Double Processed Blondes

Double processed blonde refers to a two-step blonding process that is created in the salon either by lifting the base shade and then applying an additional lightening service or applying highlights and following with a gloss treatment. This trend will be taking over for new growth smudges to create a bold and bright overall appearance. This shade is less about blending in and more about standing out.

The Tips:

When it comes to creating this new blonde trend, the health of the hair is one of the most important factors. To ensure a perfect finish, start by developing a strong care routine. Prior to your appointment, begin adding cleansing agents such as REPAIR-ME.WASH and RINSE and leave-in’s like STAYING.ALIVE to get hair in tip-top shape. Once your stylist has created the look, invest in post-color care to keep your shade looking strong. We suggest utilizing BLONDE.ANGEL.WASH and BLONDE.ANGEL to combat brassiness and brighten strands.

Dark & Mysterious

Classic Hollywood brunettes like Megan Fox and Jenna Dewan are trending this season as dark shades take over. Alongside creating a posh look, deep hues have the ability to ensure hair looks supremely shiny and healthy.

The Tips:

If you’re unsure about going darker, ask your stylist about pH.D. This treatment can be easily applied at your next appointment to deepen your shade with long-lasting shine. As a deposit-only treatment, damage is limited and manageability of hair is increased. Then, pair this shade with see-through bangs to add a heightened element of mystery to your finished look.

Questions? Email us about more summer tips, buy the above-mentioned products, or schedule an appointment!

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